Standard course

We included in our Standard Course our unique teaching method focussed on oral skills’ improvement. You will study Japanese language like you never did before in your home country and we guarantee you the best results.

For efficient oral pratice, this program is for you !



You will take 15 Lessons in one week.
Classes are not only taken place in the classrooms, but also out of classrooms to use it.Fron beginner to advanced, you will quickly level up.

Price chart

10% OFF
1 weeks 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks
23,500 JPY 47,000 JPY 70,500 JPY 94,000 JPY 115,150 JPY 136,300 JPY
10% OFF
7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks 12 weeks
157,450 JPY 178,600 JPY 199,750 JPY 220,900 JPY 242,050 JPY 263,200 JPY

※From 5-weeks stay, 1 extra week: 21,150 JPY (10%OFF)
※Registration fee for all course:21,000JPY
※Textbook fee: 4,000JPY

ex) A week in the Standard Course:

parts are all included in the fee.
※Participating in after school activities or the one-day trip on Saturdays are free to choose.
※Some activities will cost additional fees.

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Activity
Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese
Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese
Sapporo Station Tour
Wii Party@School
Night Activity
Ra-men (Japanese Noodle) Tour
Takoyaki Party@school

Optional Culture Lessons

Choose a cultural lesson you are interested in, and join for an additional 5,400 Yen a lesson.
You can apply after entrance. Please apply by the day before the lesson.
Fee:1 Culture Lesson(50 minutes×2) 5,400Yen

Characteristics of Standard Course

・Affordable price, 21,150 JPY for 1 week

・A unique teaching method for outstanding progress

・Plenty of activities


Beginner 1 Now You’re Talking!-Japanese Conversation for Beginners-
Beginner 2 Minna no nihongo 1/ Speech for basic level Japanese etc…
Elementary Minna no nihongo 2/ Speech for basic level Japanese etc…
Pre-intermediate Nihongo chuukyuu Training/ Kaiwa ni chousen! Chuukyuu maeki kara no nihongo no role-play etc…
Intermediate Chuukyuu wo manabou! / Kaiwa ni chousen! Chuukyuu maeki kara no nihongo no role-play etc…
Upper-intermediate Chuukyuu wo manabou! / Nihongo Namachuukei/ Role-play de manabu chuukyuu kara joukyuu he no nihongo kaiwa etc…
Advanced Nihongo chuukyuu 501/ Nihongo joukyuu washa he no michi etc…

※We also use music, cartoons, interviews or reports in addition to the textbook to strenghten your oral skills.

Objectives for each level

At Hokkaido JaLS, every level aims at learning how to actually use Japanese instead of simply studying it.

Beginner 1 For people who can’t understand Japanese at all, in 3 weeks time, we will focuss on teaching easy and useful Japanese for travelling. Once the level is over, you will be able to intruduce yourself, do shopping or order at restaurants…
Beginner 2 We will work on basic grammar and short sentences. At the end, you can speak about your friends, hobbies and experience.
Elementary You will be able to use the grammar and vocabulary learned in the previous level, Beginner2, with more complexity in order to have a normal conversation. You will learn how to express yourself politely, and talk about your feelings.
Pre-intermediate The Japanese level is becoming more and more difficult, and we like to focuss on the “usable” Japanese instead of the “I understand but I cannot speak” one. Once passed, you can speak about yourself and your country’s culture in comparaison to Japan.
Intermediate From Intermediate, we learn sentence patterns in order to strenghten your conversation skills. Then, this class is taking care of parties’ orgranization, interviews…etc in a word, the Japanese to communicate and exchange.
Upper-intermediate More complex patterns for better oral skills. Also, we don’t ask you to repeat dialogs anymore but to build your own.
Advanced Students interested in this level should consult in advance for our arrangement. We can answer to many propositions such as “Keigo pratice”, “Business Japanese”, “Oral level up”…please let us know during your registration.