About the School

  • Where is the school?

    5 minutes on foot from both the Sapporo and Ōdori stations. It is in the center of the city, and there are many cafes and stores around the school. It has easy access that allows enjoyable after school life.

  • Does the staff speak English/ Korean/ Chinese?

    Yes. At Hokkaido JaLS, there are people that speak English, Korean, and Chinese. Inquiries will also be dealt with in English, Korean, and Chinese.

About the Class

  • How many students are in one class?

    There are up to 8 students. We have small classes, to enable the students to have as many chances to speak as they can.

  • What language is used in the class?

    Japanese will be the main language used, but professional teachers will use all kinds of methods such as drawing, so that even students who don’t understand Japanese at all can catch up.

  • How long is one lesson?

    One lesson is 50 minutes.

  • What time does the Japanese language class start and when does it end?

    Classes are held from 9:30 to 12:20. See below for details.

    Japanese Lesson Time
    1 9:30~10:20
    2 10:30~11:20
    3 11:30~12:20
  • What time does the culture lessons start and when does it end?

    The culture lessons are held twice a week from 14:00 to 15:50. See below for details.

    Culture Lesson Time
    1 14:00~14:50
    2 15:00~15:50

    ※The times mentioned above include any time spent travelling if we leave the school

About the Courses

  • I can only study for a week. Am I able to apply?

    Yes we welcome students to join for a week.

  • I have never studied Japanese. Is that alright?

    Of course. The entrance day for students who will study Japanese for the first time is held once a month, but if that day is inconvenient for you, consult with our staff. We may open a new class just for you.

  • Can I start on another day than Monday?

    Please consult with us first. We might be able to add you to one of our classes or create a new one.

  • When I graduate, will I receive a diploma?

    Yes. On the ceremony on Friday, all students will receive a diploma.

About the Accommodation

  • I am a vegetarian/ have pet allergies/ am a non-smoker, but will this be considered when the host family is decided?

    Of course. We will suit your wishes the best we can.

  • How long does it take from the place of stay to the school?

    15 to 60 minutes. The school is in the center of the city, so it has easy access by any means of transportation.

  • Is the weekly apartment equipped with the things needed in daily life?

    Yes, there are all basic furniture, home electronics, and daily necessities.

  • I am planning to stay at a friend’s house. Can I arrange the stay by myself?

    Of course. Students who don’t need arrangements just need to check the “No need for arrangement” box when you order the estimate.

About Daily Life

  • How much does it cost to stay in Sapporo for a week?

    It depends on what you do, but the average is around 20000 to 40000 Yen. This includes food, traffic fees, and activity fees and not staying fees.

  • What kind of clothes should I bring?

    See the About Hokkaido page. It introduces this in detail.


  • Can I rent a mobile phone?

    Yes. Below are companies that you can rent phones for a short term.
    ・PuPuRu (http://www.pupuru.com/
    ・Softbank (http://www.softbank-rental.jp/inbound/
    ・B-Mobile (http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/english/index.html) Data SIM card

    If you have any questions on how to rent a phone, feel free to ask.

  • What happens if I get sick in the middle of the night?

    We have an emergency number you can call 24 hours. In case you get sick or have any trouble, please call immediately.
    Before you get to Japan, we suggest you apply for travel insurance.