Hokkaido JaLS

8 Features

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    A Japanese school that specializes in short term stays.

    Hokkaido Japanese Language School is a school that specializes in student studying in Japan for a short term. To make the most of your short time stay in Japan, our courses are structured for students to have as many chances as possible to speak, and also experience the Japanese culture and have fun through activities.

  • All teachers have professional Japanese teaching licenses.

    Approved by the Agency of Foreign Affairs after going through 420 hours to achieve professional teaching licenses, the best of teachers will run classes that will meet the demands of your Japanese language level. Even students that can’t speak any Japanese at all won’t have to worry.

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    7 Levels of Small Classes from Basic to Advanced.

    Classes are divided into 7 levels to meet the level of every student. Class sizes are limited to 8 students each to provide as many chances as possible to let you speak and clarify anything that you may not understand.

  • Attractive culture courses that includes tradition, comics, fashion and etc.

    There are 3 cultural experience courses you can choose according to your interest. In the Traditional Culture Course, you will experience Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy (writing art), Japanese Food. In the Pop Culture Course, you can enjoy comics and animation. In the Fashion Culture Course, you can learn Japanese make up and nail art. Click for details.

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    Activities that will make your stay in Japan more exciting!

    To make your stay in Japan more exciting, we offer plenty of after-school and weekend activities. Activities are all designed to allow students to experience Japan to its fullest, such as social activities with the Japanese people, activities to enjoy the beautiful nature of Hokkaido, activities to enjoy the delicious local foods, sightseeing activities to places which are considered as the best of Japan. Click for details.

  • Courses start every Monday and can be taken from as short as 1 week.

    Every Monday is Entrance Day and every Friday is Graduation Day. You can enter the school anytime of the year to join us. All courses can be completed within a week, so even if you are planning a short stay, you can enjoy the activities and cultural experiences 120%!!!

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    Warm and detailed student support.

    Studying in a warm and cozy environment, everyone here is friendly and supportive. Upon graduation, students will receive a certificate as well as a photo album. We want our students to not only graduate with a better knowledge of Japan but also leave with fond memories.

  • 5 minutes’ walking distance from Sapporo Station.
    Easy access and a fun after school life!

    Hokkaido Japanese Language School has great access from both Sapporo Station and Ōdori Station (five minutes on foot from both stations). Surrounded by many restaurants and shops, you can enjoy an exciting city life.


Classrooms and Facilities

At Hokkaido Japanese Language School, not only do we have comfortable classrooms, but we also have many other student facilities, such as a ping-pong room, theater room, wii room, and library. All rooms have access to internet via our wi-fi network. Students can relax, socialize and enjoy studying Japanese.

Lounge space

We have a large café-style area with comfortable seating, sofas and space to talk, play games and socialize. This area is fully accessible for computer access and also has counter-style desk space. After school, we often watch movies and have parties in this area of the school.


We have well-lit, comfortable classrooms which create the perfect atmosphere for efficient studying. Smaller classroom sizes also allow for good communication between teachers and students.

Staff office

Our school office is always fully staffed with friendly teachers and members of our management team, so that you can always ask questions or get support.

Meeting room

We have a private space suitable for initial meetings and learning consultation. This space is available if you have any worries or anxieties that you wish to talk through with a member of staff.

Theater room and Wii room

After class, we sometimes watch a movie or play the Wii together, including many students and teachers.

Library room

We have a lot of Manga and Novels in our school library. You can enjoy reading books or self-study in the relaxed space.

Ping-pong room

After class, we have a large, fully equipped space available where you can play table tennis with friends and teachers.

Maps and Access


・Five Minutes from the Sapporo Station.
・Three Minutes from the Sapporo Clock Tower.
・Five Minutes from the Sapporo TV Tower.
・Five Minutes from the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building .