Hokkaido JaLS’s teaching method

☆The best quality for short-term students☆
For those who want to improve their oral skills quickly, we created “Hokkaido Japanese Language School’s practical Japanese lessons”

You don’t want to study from textbooks because you can do the same at home? You are in Japan so you wish to practice your conversation skills and receive a proper Japanese language education?
At Hokkaido Japanese Language School, you will be able to make the best out of your precious time.

Features of Hokkaido Japanese Language School’s teaching method


・JaLS’s original curriculum focuses on oral skills development

・JaLS’s check note, a personal follow-up of your progress

・Many occasions to use your Japanese outside of class with our numerous activities

Hokkaido Japanese Language School’s original, practical curriculum


1) Application Lessons

Hokkaido Japanese Language School’s education is not only about learning but also about applying Japanese – something you often cannot do on a daily basis in your home country.

2) Practical Japanese Lessons

In order to apply Japanese in practical situations, it is essential that you receive practical Japanese lessons. Daily life conversations and topics are the main purpose of these lessons and we believe that these are key to your learning progress.

3) Plenty of interesting topics during lessons

When you enjoy yourself, you are more likely to succeed. At Hokkaido Japanese Language School, topics in class are chosen by our students based on their personal interests. For example, going out to interview Japanese people, employees and students, inviting Japanese guests, doing presentations and having group discussions etc. Our small class sizes ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in these interesting activities.

How Japanese Language School’s curriculum was organized

Difference between long-term and short-term students

What kind of classes are you expecting when studying Japanese in Japan?
Also, in which area are you looking forward to improve during your stay here?

We have conducted a survey among students with regards to their expectations toward Japanese classes, and we noticed that there is a striking difference in the expectations of long-term and short-term students.

Long-term students mostly focus on improving reading and writing skills for examination purposes. They want to study complex grammar, sentence construction, Kanji(Chinese characters), practice writing, prepare for tests… all in all, things that most Japanese language school teach. Short-term students, however, tend to wish to focus on their speaking and listening ability and favour practical Japanese classes – and their options were quite limited in terms of Japanese language school choice. With this in mind, we created Hokkaido Japanese Language School’s curriculum: short-term lessons and small class size to cater to short-term students’ needs.

We are a short-term specialized school, we created a curriculum based on grammar, sentence construction, vocabulary, only for conversation purpose.

Our original curriculum

1) Small classes

2) Short-term

3) Professional teachers

Our classes are limited to 8 students to ensure that they receive the best care. As we are specialised in short-term practical education, small numbers mean a better chance to speak and practice. Also, all our teachers have their teaching licence and as professionals, they are able to explain things easily.

Opportunities to practice Japanese

Plenty of activities out of the classroom to practice your Japanese even more !

As our school’s curriculum focus on dialogue and conversations, we offer our students the opportunity to discuss and exchange with Japanese.
During cultural activities or games, students have a real chance to meet Japanese and talk together.

These experiences are essential to learn Japanese as it gives you the chance to listen to casual speach so don’t miss it !