Student Voice


Hong Kong

At Hokkaido Japanese Language School, I experienced far more than I could have ever imagined. I have always been a fanatic about Japanese culture since young even without stepping foot in Japan. While I was planning out my summer, the idea of spending my summer in japan for a short term popped out of my head and I decided to do some searching online. I was considering backpacking or staying at a guesthouse at first and I send in many applications and waited for replies.It was from then that Hokkaido Japanese Language School called my attention, they had the smoothest and quickest application I had ever been through. Unlike any other tedious applications I have been through, they had an online Japanese test suited for your own level. Hokkaido Japanese Language School had very interesting and special programs designed for students; It is really flexible on time, school starts every Monday and students graduate on Fridays, no matter you are staying for a week or four weeks you will go through the same process. The classes are small and intimate, with students coming from all over the globe. Even the Japanese classes were way more interesting than I have thought, there are fun projects like interviewing the local, designing our own flyer, and playing wii for school purpose.^^

Hokkaido Japanese Language School also emphasis very much on culture exchange and of course your own interest, we studied Japanese for half a day and in the afternoon, we will have different activities according to the course that we picked. Mine was traditional culture and fashion culture. I had the chance to experience traditional Japanese Kadou (Flower arrangement), tea ceremony, Matsuri (Japanese festival) and wearing Yukata (traditional dress). In my free time, I was given the opportunity to explore Sapporo and experience the local culture with many of the local Japanese students. Although I came to Hokkaido alone, I never felt lonely; I was able to become a part of the warming Hokkaido Japanese Language School community and made friends that lasted a lifetime. This two-week program at Hokkaido Japanese Language School gave me insight and experience I never could have in a traditional language school.
My summer in Hokkaido Japanese Language School was a summer that I will never forget!

I will come back to see all of my friends here!



Hokkaido Japanese Language School is a great Japanese school with a focus on improving speaking capability. Unlike other Japanese courses, the attention here is not just on grammar and writing ability, but heavily leans to nurturing practical speaking.They accomplish this not only from the choice of the course material and small intimate class sizes, but also through frequent out of class activity. The school really goes out of its way to engage the students in speaking every day after school, through a mix of teacher lead visits, placement in home stay or dorms, and also local volunteers. Hokkaido lends itself well to out of class activity having such beautiful natural scenery such as ski mountains, flower fields, small villages and stunning coastlines. Activities were a great way also to learn about Japanese culture like tea ceremony, kimono dying, soba making, temple visits, etc..
The inclusion of local volunteers from students to family house visits was really a treat. It was a great way to practice Japanese out of class and provides the opportunity to make friends to keep in touch with the Sapporo community and Japanese language long after leaving. And by the way, Hokkaido in summer is sunny yet cool; the best way to beat the humid heat elsewhere in Japan. In short, Hokkaido Japanese Language School had great and caring teachers who really go beyond the call of duty to provide a native speaking environment and lots of fun. Definitely recommend.



When I came to Japan I must admit that I was a bit worried because of my lacking abilities in Japanese, but after only a few hours I felt totally at home in Hokkaido Japanese Language School. Not only the teachers welcomed me with open arms, but the other students and my host family as well.Thanks to very small classes learning Japanese became surprisingly easy. It often surprised me with how much ease the teachers managed to hold the whole lesson in Japanese with such a small vocabulary. Because of the many different nationalities Japanese was the only language everyone understood and was hence used in almost all conversations. The many activities offered the perfect space for practicing speaking with others, even if one’s Japanese is that of a beginner. During the activities the students got the chance to both learn something about the countries culture and history as well as see some of the beautiful nature Hokkaido has to offer.



When I arrived in Japan with my Working Holiday visa, I had absolutely no idea of what I was going to do and then, Hokkaido Japanese Language School miraculously appeared into my life: my savior !
In France, it was not possible to find intermediate-advanced Japanese class in my region so Japanese Language School gave me a fantastic opportunity to improve.My weakness is kanji, I can’t remember them unless I practice every day. At Hokkaido Japanese Language School, I learned about 5 new kanji per day plus the vocabulary, thousands of new words during my stay !
Also, I really liked the activities after class such as snow rafting, Asahiyama zoo, nabe party… I fall in love with the winter here !
Hokkaido Japanese Language School has a lot of students from all the world so I made a lot of friends. I discovered both Japanese and other countries culture for the price of one trip.
At last, the best thing at Hokkaido Japanese Language School is surely its staff : they are nice, open-minded and dedicated. They will do everything for you and are always ready to listen to you. They really look like a big family for me and I will never forget them.For those who still doubt, believe me, this school rocks !



I got to know about Hokkaido Japanese Language School from my school in Taiwan. I was deeply impressed by this school since it does not require a very high level of Japanese language skill to join and the activities held caught my attention.When I first arrived here, I found it was very different from ordinary schools. The school settings and decorations give people a very warm feeling. With the help of school staff and other students, I spent my time in Sapporo without any trouble.

School activities were interesting and good enough to let us know the Japanese culture. On the other hand, schoolmates were from different countries so I could make friends of different nationalities.

I had never expected any astonishing progress in two week’s time, but I really enjoyed the time here. I have decided to continue studying Japanese after returning to Taiwan.

I will definitely miss the teachers and friends here!!



‘Extremely cold’, this is what I can only think of about Hokkaido. However, when I saw the snow fall, I knew I would love this place.It was my first time studying aboard. I was glad to be here as I always felt like home. Sojiro-sensei and Rieko-sensei had planned a series of activities which provided plenty chances for me to understand and experience Japanese culture. I also learnt a lot when interacting with other schoolmates.

Although I spent only two weeks here, I did fall in love with Sapporo. I love the life style here though it is really cold in winter. The life here makes me feel alive!

I would love to thank Hokkaido Japanese Language School for organizing everything so well such that everything went smoothly even though it was my first time to visit this city. I am expecting to come back to Hokkaido in near future.